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 Simon Sez Productions.

We are a video  production company based in Orange County NY, specializing in

all your video needs. We

have produced instructional videos, promotional videos, commercials, music videos, documentaries, events and more. We have all the equipment and know-how

to make your next video a smashing success.

Expose Your Business
Video lives forever
Always ready for adventure

Camera track system

Nothing adds production value like Camera Movement


Specializing in small business commercials

QR codes that go directly to your commercial

"Have Camera Will Travel"
All the latest equipment
Simon Sez Productions

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The average attention span is six seconds, because of all the information we are bombarded with. People would rather watch a short video at the head of your site, than read pages of words. 

I can say more with our video about your business than pages of written word. Hire a professional - it represents your business.

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