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When we had our Hudson Valley International Film Festival I was amazed how few filmmakers were able to get us their films on Blu Ray. The quality over DVD is quite noticeable, especially when projected on a full size theater screen. Where  a DVD only holds 4.7 GB and our full length movies are over a hundred GB, the amount of compression to get it on there verses the 25 GB space on a Blu Ray is considerable. So if you want to show your hard work in the best quality at a film festival do it on a Blu Ray. The initial coding takes a long time and the charge for that is $ 25.00. Any Blu Ray burned after that is $10.00 each plus shipping. If you supply a picture (JPEG) we can also print it on the disc with the title or other information. 

Blu Ray Burning Service

We can code and burn your films to Blu Ray