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 The Hudson Valley International Film Festival is a lifestyle that celebrates an interactive and contemporary experience, which will inspire, challenge, and enlighten viewers and participants alike. Filmmakers are welcome to submit shorts, pilots, features, music videos, animations, and much more! The HVIFF is the haven for free thinkers, innovators, and pioneers of the arts community.

August 26, 27, 28,  2016

The Monroe Arts and Civic Center

Hudson Valley International Film Festival

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Unfortunately for Monroe and the  Arts, 2016 will be the last HVIFF festival in this highly dysfunctional town. Thanks to the political organization called United Monroe and their political agendas we were literally driven out of town. Their threats and the towns businesses that were threatened to not support the festival made it impossible to continue here. I am presently working on a documentary about this town and their historic blunder of creating an unconstitutional religious town of Palm Tree. (More to come)

Beautiful downtown Monroe, New York is right in the heart of the Hudson Valley.  One of the most beautiful areas in the country and home of the Hudson Valley International Film Festival

​David Otunga was at the 2016 HVIFF

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 Monroe’s Arts and Civic center births the start of a new chapter, housing the Hudson Valley International Film Festival. Our Festival intends to showcase the best talent the Hudson Valley and the world has to offer. These talented artists will be given a platform to gain exposure and the promotion they rightfully deserve.

Simon Sez...come and join us for this great event