Teleprompter  for those hard to remember lines

We have all sort of lighting including, 1000 led dimmable and color temperature adjustable panels, 650 watt fills, 2000 watt soft light, Umbrellas, reflectors, and more.

​Black Magic Ursa  4K up to 80fps PL mount with:

Angenieux 25-250 t3.9

​Kilfitt 90mm Macro t2.8

​Schneider Kreuznach 75mm t2

Schneider Kreuznach 50mm t2

​Schneider Kreuznach 28mm t2

Taylor Hobson 18mm t2

Angenieux 14.5 mm t3.5

We have all the latest equipment. 

​Need a whole crew? Can do!

Simon Sez Productions Cinematography TV and Web Commercials  Independent Films

Remote follow focus

Black Magic Cinema 4K

Canon 24-105mm f4

Canon 28mm f2.8

​Canon 50mm f1.8

Rokinon Cine lense set

14mmT3.1   24mm T1.5

35mm T1.5 85mm T1.5

We also have a Steady Cam Glide Cam V-8

Atomos Ninja 2 Recorder

​Atomos Samurai Recorder

Black Magic Hyper Deck Shuttle Recorder

I designed and built this tracking system and have gotten some great shots with the 12ft glider that is easily assembled and lightweight. (video was done before we had HD) Been doing this for a while.

Canon Xl H1 HD

Canon XL A1 HD

Canon HV40 HD

Everything you need for a full sound and multi-camera production and post.

Ronin mounted on jib

DJI Ronin 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Simon, Director of Photography

We have completely mobile battery operated recording equipment with 

Sennheiser  Me66 Mics.

Camera Jib 0-14ft High

​Shirt by George Carlin (couldn't resist:)

Helps me keep the crew in line!

Jesse, Sound, Lighting, Editing