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Hofi Getting an award from German President.

The Hofi system

Is an ergonomic approach to tooling and methodology that is designed to work with the natural motions of the body. The Hofi system focuses on efficient process, using minimum energy and time for maximum moving of the material, which protects muscles, nerves, joints and bones from damage.

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Weekend Furniture Refinishing

John DeRosso

Conservator/Restorer with 30 years experience, will show you step by step how to strip and refinish the two selected pieces of furniture.  He uses tricks of the trade, that makes it an easy weekend project from start to finish.  John shows you all the  materials you need and how to apply them. He does a repair on one piece and goes through the different stages of: Repair, Stripping, Removal, Preparation, Staining, Shellac, Wipe on Poly and Paste Waxing. Running time: 52 min.

The Hofi Hammer and the Hofi Ergonomic Technique for moving Metal

For the professional Blacksmith

Now available on DVD, featuring Uri Hofi as he demonstrates hammer technique for effective forge work. In the DVD, Hofi explains the ergonomics of good hammer design, and how to use the hammer to maximize the energy delivered to the material with the minimum effort. Hofi also demonstrates how proper form prevents damage to muscles and tendons. The Hofi Hammer and the Ergonomic Technique for Moving Metal is an indispensable guide for the professional Blacksmith.

​Hofi, who has developed new tooling and techniques for hot forge work, teaches his method in his school in Israel, Berlin Germany, Japan and at The Center for Metal Arts in the United States.